Cold Storages, Warehouse, refer and non-refer vehicles play an important role in Supply chain and logistics in Agriculture Value Chains. The infrastructure and the stakeholders in the ecosystem together are enabler of efficient and effective Post Harvest Management of Agri, Horti and Livestock produce in the country. Coldstorage4u.com will enhance the services in the sector making all the stakeholders visible, interactive, responsive in the Value Chains’ development. 

Vijaykumar Chole,
International Expert- Agri Food Business Development
Ex Member, National Committee on food Processing
Former Secretary, Maharashtra Rajya Draksha Bagaitdar Sangh

Coldstorage4u is a path-breaking initiative in the Indian chilled and frozen storage market. 
It will usher in a new era for producers and distributors at all levels in the food chain to avail of these facilities and help grow their businesses not just in the domestic sector but also internationally. 
It is high time that Indian manufacturers now conquer the foreign markets and be the leaders in supplying higher quality agricultural products to the world markets. Coldstorage4u is positioned perfectly to connect local producers to the huge international markets and the riches that will bring.

This novel concept of having a one-stop location for all involved in the food manufacturing industry to search for and connect with state-of-the-art cold storage facilitators is bound to extend the shelf life of the high-quality perishable products being produced in Maharashtra and beyond and will definitely bring in a lot more financial gain for all producers and the likes.
I would urge everyone associated with this industry to explore Coldstorage4u, and the facilities they have on offer & also make use of these for their own benefit.

Dr Yadnyavalkya Patil,
PhD (Molecular Microbiology), Lincoln University, New Zealand
M.S. (Food Innovation), Lincoln University, NZ

Raghunath Wadekar met me for the first time in an expo. I was showcasing innovative processes and products made from fruits.  He said he was  working on cold storage – cold chains, and taht he would see me soon along with his friend. 
Within a week, he met me along with his friend Anil Borse, and explained bout their vision for the cold storage- cold chain business. They have a deep understanding of the current industrial status, gaps, and ground needs of today and future.
While the industry and experts proudly looks at CAGR and we see a rosy picture about future growth of the industry, Raghunath and Anil  are worried that major portion of the current capacity is used only for potato, and that the potato cold storage activity is in trouble, facing  losses. They carefully point out imbalances in availability of cold storage, with respect to geography, commodities, and huge capacity underutilization. They have plans to offer solution to these and many more issues.
They are passionate about improving use of cold stores for fruits and vegetables, and thereby would like to see improved volumes of processed foods. This will improve the economics of the farming they believe. The farmer is close to their heart, and so is the consumer. So they are also keenly working on solutions towards last mile delivery of the agri-produce entering the cold store.
They want to bridge existing gaps within this industry, and have plans to build innovative tools that will lead to more meaningful growth of this industry.
I wholeheartedly support to their project and wish the best to their planned digital presence in the name coldstorage4u.com. This work will widen the horizon for the cold storage industry.

Dr Abhay Shendye